Exhibitions    The People V's The Kiosk of Security


People versus the kiosk of security This is a story about the human spirit in the face of insecurity. It is about what happens to our dreams and aspiriations when fear overcomes us or outside authority contains us. The image Memorial Tree signifies the beauty of the life force, interwoven and complex and is a small important gesture to the importance of life. Sitting opposite this image is Kiosk of Security, displaying cold truths of ambiguous forms, a centry post of control and fear and oppression as opposed to passion. The Garden image is where man meets with nature, symbolising our creativity, our Eden, which carves out our identity and reflections of hope. Juxtaposing this image is The Caravan made of forboding long shadows and a protective fence of barbed wire, the restraints of a walled compound- a boarded, locked up dream, secure. In this landscape of high contrast and contradictions the horizon is the blue of optomism. This is a story with a happy ending for in the case of 'People Versus the Kiosk of Security' the people always win. The body of work should be read as two diptichs including: Memorial Tree. (Susan Claire Fern 1969 - 2000) Kiosk of Security. Roma 2007. The Garden. Walcott Gap, Norfolk, UK 2007. The Caravan. Bacton, Norfolk, UK 2007.

Caravan by Ian Tatton
Kiosk of security by Ian Tatton
Suzy's tree by Ian Tatton
The Garden, Walcott Gap. Norfolk. U.K by Ian Tatton
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